Experts at Their Best

“HALAL cosmetic products have a really high demand in the market because it guaranteed a safe and pure process production to be used by whole humanity in the world, it just nobody step forward to do it.“

HI, I’m Eiyma Jalil

My name is Norazimah binti Abd Jalil. I’m comfy with just Eiyma Jalil or Puan Eiyma. I was born on 5th January 1982 in Temerloh, Pahang and currently staying in Cheras, KL. I am the first born from my 4 siblings. Well, I was born a leader. Where is the other January baby team? hehe.

Abd Jalil bin Adam and Siti Zabidah binti Muhammad are my parents who always been there throughout my roller coaster journey. My partner, Azizi bin Mohd who responsible for making me standing here to where I am at the moment. He is the CEO cum Business Development Director since from the start and I’m planning to keep him forever. Alhamdulillah, we were blessed with three beautiful childrens namely Arissa, Faris, and Aleeya.


GIM Cosmetic Industries was established since 2012 where I poured all my soul in health and beauty line. Starting with small factory, small lab, and one chemist, we worked out together to formulate the best quality products. I remembered using Nars foundation as the benchmark.

Finally, my first baby was a foundation with the quality and texture that I long for. I unbelievably succeed! The foundation has won nation’s heart and demanded up to 30,000 pcs per month. Since then, more and more people realized our capability as local factory who capable to formulate and produce the internationally on-the-par products. We have been the talked of the town.

At the same time, I took Diploma in Online Marketing at Open University because I believe that studying is a never-ending journey. I always loved to keep searching for more and more knowledge in what I am doing.

At GIM Cosmetic Industries, we developed and manufactured with HALAL and GMP up to 650 cosmetics formulations to date. Fuh, I am such a struggler. All the founders will have their own unique formula because if it’s me, I hate doing the same thing with everybody else.

So, I always encourage them to be different and think out of the box. The quality? I loved to surprise my operators to see with my own eyes if they are doing the right thing bywent down to the production unexpectedly at any time. I guess you already know my level.

Haus Cosmetics

On 2017 I started my own brand, HAUS Cosmetics. To be honest, it is not easy as they say at all. I told you, even me myself who has been playing in the formulation development and cosmetic manufacturing for 8 years, I found that to start a brand and develop is yea, easy. But when it comes to maintain the momentum and stay relevant in the industry, that is depending on how you gonna dodge the bullet. Planning and strategy of marketing is the crucial part where you have to be outstanding and different from the others.

My adoration goes to Bobbi Brown. I motivate myself to move forward. I bear only three things in my mind. First, I will only formulate internationally level quality products from the design, packaging, the formula, and every inch of the product. Second, my factory is guaranteed HALAL from the scratch, operated by muslim workers and practicing GMP to ensure the safe and pure production process.

Third, my formula will have high percentage of treatment ingredient not just for claim purpose. The formula has to really treat your skin and not just a make-up. With these three things, I want to see my factory GIM Cosmetics and brand HAUS Cosmetics will standing in the eyes of the world as the most trusted HALAL, with quality on-the-par with international brands’ formula and competing well with the others in the market.

Guess I’ll have to stop here otherwise this ‘About Me’ section will have up to another 3 pages. Kindly follow this beauty blog because I’m gonna share seriously a lots, lots of info and every knowledge I gained throughout my 8 years journey in the industry. We have to be a brilliant consumer who know the safe, pure and right products to use. I am here to guide with all my sincere heart.